PGP-signed Wedding Stationery

Information security is important – also when getting married. To ensure your wedding guests that it is indeed you getting married, you can – and should – use cryptography. When we got married about a year ago, we had PGP/GPG-signed save-the-date cards. See below how I created those (with code!).

The front (with a sample picture and layout).
The back (with sample text).
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Linuxtag 2014

I’ll give a talk about Ganeti at the upcoming Linuxtag 2014 in Berlin!

My talk will be on Friday, 9th of May at 21:00. See the announcement of my talk here:

For the general conference website, click here:

The plan is to give a short overview about Ganeti and an update on current development. I will be around on the conference from Thursday to Saturday. Feel free to approach me if you want to chat about Ganeti.

My academic profile

This blog is intended to present my professional endeavors. Since I started off in academia, this first post is dedicated to my previous profile (which used to be reachable at which sums up my academic works:

  • Diploma Thesis “Automatic Non-termination Analysis of Imperative Programs”, RWTH Aachen 2007: pdf
  • Diploma Thesis “Automatic Non-termination Analysis of Imperative Programs”, Chalmers Technical University, Sweden: pdf (This version differs from the one above only in the layout.)
  • Collection of programs which I examined in my thesis: tar.gz
  • Paper “Non-Termination Checking for Imperative Programs”: available here.
  • Software: here